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Saturday, December 15, 2007


This is a fun shirt, i like the way there is a kind of shadow of the shoes and crown. this shows that you can put anything together (crown and shoes and make a great design)

Shades shades shades

This is definately one of my best shirts, in the making of it, at first i wanted it to be as clean as possible but on the first print, there were bloches of paint, i paniced the noticed it looked awsome. i continued with that dirty effect and it turned out real nice.
ive noticed that most of our best designs or aspects of our shirts comes from mistakes. i think its because it add originality to it.


This is the first shirt we ever made. you can see the small paint bloches... i feel that we have become alot better since then. on this shirt, we were supposed to put "raindrops" where the balck cloud was (see falling men) but the paint leaked through, we paniced and filled it in with a black cloud.

Falling men

This is a great stencil. I tried to make the people falling fade slowly... well see aftera few washes.
I had the shirt lying around and thought it was too plain so i put this stencil on it. The raindrops was supposed to be for my "coulds" shirt, but it never made it.


I LOVE this shirt, its so fatalistically retro (oxymoron). I did not use stencils for this shirt, just tape to outline the shapes. what inspired me for this shirt was "tectonic" dancing. I also like the fade effect on the shirt, the more you wear it, the more you wash it, the better it looks.
this is definitely one of my better shirts (I'm actually wearing it as I write)

Sad Panda

I made this in response to a article i read about animal rights and how alot of the most beautyful inspiring, legendary animals are going to be extinct! This shirt shows how they suffer the most but they cannot do anything but watch they're bothers and sisters die.

I'm a Star

I had alot of fun making this shirt, it truely shows how even with a simple stencil you can make something so complex. However, alot of my friends say it "too much" I guess i have to wait a while for style to catch up with me :P


This shirt is one of my favorites, it was originally supposed to have BUS INE SS then a banana under it but after i put the monkey i quit while i was ahead. The simplicity of the big letters shows that style can be simple and beautiful

Banksy Flowerbomber

This is probably the most detailed stencil yet. its a Banksy design (thank you) the flowers are hand painted.

I find that the contrast between the black and white clean sharp stencil and the colorful handmade flowers adds to the effect of the shirt

Friday, December 14, 2007